Our Vision Day Out !!

Our Vision Day was fantastic! A full and busy day but we loved it! We started the day by making our picnic lunch. We made wraps, vegetable pots and fruit pots. We also made a drink and collected some bird food for when we visited the park. Once all of the food was made, we’d had a snack and the tidying up was done, we got ourselves ready for the walk. It was a long walk before we reached the river and we really needed our picnic lunches by the time we stopped for a break. After eating our lovely lunch, we continued our walk and found the perfect spot for a paddle.

We enjoyed paddling in our wellies even though we could feel how cold the water was. We continued our walk to our next stop – Sarehole Mill. We played games on the field or sat and had a rest, ready for the walk to our final stop. The walk to Swanshurst Park was hard because it was uphill and we were already tired, but when we got there we sat down and had a snack before giving the geese their snack. The geese came swimming over to eat some of our bird seed, they were very hungry! After that, we began our walk back to school, thankfully, most of it was downhill!

When we arrived back at school we were excited to find out how far we had walked – a total of 5½ miles! We were really proud of ourselves for this brilliant achievement. It was an amazing day and even though it snowed a bit and was chilly, we thoroughly enjoyed it. When were out in our local community, we were inspired to keep going with the walk, we achieved a great distance, and it was enriching being out in nature and spending time with different children in our school – a very successful Vision day!