Wheelers Lane Primary School Curriculum 

September 2014 sees the introduction of the new National Curriculum for children in Years 1 – 6. It is intended that the statutory element of the curriculum should take up 80% of curriculum time giving schools the freedom to use the remaining 20% for their ‘local curriculum’, namely learning experiences we feel our children need to become well rounded individuals.

The content of the different subjects has changed and there is a greater emphasis on learning facts relating to particular subjects.

As a staff we have worked extensively on preparing for the implementation of the new curriculum. We have taken a creative approach making links between subjects to make them more meaningful and exciting for the children. We have also included more experiences such as trips and visitors into school so that the children can become immersed in their learning.


The documents below set out the curriculum content for each of our year groups; Please contact school if you require any further information.


Assessment of the New National Curriculum

Within the National Curriculum there are end of year expectations which all children are expected to reach. This replaces the previous system of levels. Individual schools are able to decide upon their own assessment and reporting methods relating to end of year expectations. As a school we are developing our new assessment system considering the outcomes of DfE funded projects as well as working with local schools.
As a school we have agreed a set of principles for assessment which are:
1. Assessment is at the heart of teaching and learning.
2. Assessment is fair.
3. Assessment is honest.
4. Assessment is ambitious.
5. Assessment is appropriate.
6. Assessment is consistent.
7. Assessment outcomes provide information that is meaningful and easy to understand.
8. Assessment feedback should inspire greater effort and a belief that, through hard work and practice, more can be achieved.
The document below contains further information about these points.