Our vision is to be “A community of inspiration, aspiration and enrichment”.

In order to decide on our vision, we consulted with children, staff, parents and carers and Governors. We looked at everything that was important to us all about school and learning and chose the four key words that encompassed this. Decision making and our curriculum are driven by our vision ensuring we are continuously working towards it.

In school we have a member of the senior team who leads on each key word of the vision:

Community – Mrs Sumner

Inspiration – Mr Wood

Aspiration – Mrs Richmond

Enrichment – Mr Dunn 

They each lead a vision team of staff and also work with pupil leaders on their area. Each vision team identifies ways they can promote their area and build it into the learning and culture of our school.

Below you will see a video for each of our vision key words, these were produced by the vision teams and illustrate what each part of the vision means in our school.