School Improvement Plan

Each year we produce a School Improvement Plan which shows our targets for the school year and the impact it will have on children’s outcomes.

We use information from the pupil and parent questionnaires, data from test results and information from self-evaluation to make decisions about what should go on the plan. 

At the end of the school year, staff and governors meet to look at all the information gathered and suggest actions and targets for the plan for the following year. This is then written by the Leadership Team and agreed by staff and governors.  We ensure that our targets will enable the school to move forwards with the school vision as our driver for decision making.

Throughout the year the plan is reviewed to ensure we are on track to meet our targets.

We have five priority areas which reflect the Ofsted areas for inspection.  In addition to this, every subject co-ordinator produces an action plan for their area with details of the actions they will take throughout the year in order to make improvements in their subject area.

Our full School Improvement Plan and Self-Evaluation can be found below.