Attendance at Wheelers Lane

Wheelers Lane Primary School is committed to working with children and families to achieve an overall whole school percentage of 97% or above.

Children are rewarded for their efforts with attendance and punctuality in a numbers of ways:

Weekly trophies are awarded to the best attending class and also to the class who are the most improved.

Every class who reaches 97% attendance each week, and achieves less than 5 lates, get certificates to proudly display in their classroom.

Across the term, classes accumulate points as a result of their attendance and punctuality. The winning class receives a special award at the end of each term, such as a trip to the cinema or a vist from the ice cream van - wow!

Each term we celebrate attendance and punctuality by having an attendance week. Every child who arrives at school on time, everyday recieves a special attendance prize. In addition, children who demonstrate excellent attendance each term receive a bronze, silver and gold certificate depedning on their percentage.

At the end of the year, children who have managed the impressive task of achieving 100% will receive a WHSmith voucher.

The school works closely with families where children are falling below 90% attendance. We offer support through informal meetings and home visits and together we can implement strategies to improve attendance.

If your child is absent, please send a message on Parent Mail on the morning of the absence.

The school offers prizes and certificates for excellent attendance