WLPS Curriculum Intent 

At WLPS we are proud of the curriculum we have created. We are passionate about providing an inclusive curriculum which fulfils our school vision, meets the needs of our diverse community and equips children for life.
Our curriculum enables children to develop subject specific skills and knowledge alongside the skills and knowledge required to live successfully in the changing world.
Our inspiring, aspirational and enriched curriculum promotes curiosity, creativity and confidence. We believe that children’s positive well-being enables limitless learning.

Our children will:

Enjoy life’s simple pleasures

Achieve professionally

Appreciate the world around them

Feel fulfilled by their interests

Connect with the modern world

Have a healthy body and mind

Be resilient

Contribute conscientiously to society and the environment

Be a good friend and treat people with respect

Appreciate and understand our community and its diverse heritage

Be learners for life 

Curriculum Intents & Concept Maps