Arts and crafts

Miss Taylor and Mrs Jutley ran an arts and crafts session. We chose to look at the work of Eric Carle and Henri Matise as inspiration of our collage pictures. We began the morning looking at different kinds of collage art. We talked about the importance of a palette of colours which complement each other. We looked at different methods of creating interesting papers to collage with. Then we got messy! We painted, scratched, splashed and printed a variety of different papers so that our collage pictures would be more interesting. After that we looked at some more inspiring collage art and created a design for what we would make. We chose form abstract, nature, animals, rainbows and our names. Once all the paper was dry we were able to start cutting and creating our collage art. We placed the pieces first so that we knew they were the correct size and that we liked the composition before sticking them down using PVA glue. We added some buttons for decorations. We had a lovely day, it was really calm in our room and very relaxing. We loved painting, printing, cutting, composing and creating!