Nature Themed Art

Children from Years 1, 2 and 3 took part in a day of nature themed art. We started the day by making our own sketchbooks using cardboard, paper and an elastic band. We designed front covers for our sketchbooks and added drawings to them later in the day. The children were excited at playtime to tell everyone that they had made their own sketchbook! We then created plant pots from tin cans. We looked at some ideas and started by drawing our designs on paper. We then painted our designs onto the cans. Flowers was a popular theme and there were other colourful ideas too. We left them to dry before filling them with soil and planting some cress seeds in them during the afternoon. Stick-on ladybirds and bees were added as a finishing touch! We also made clay creatures with pipe cleaners for legs or antennae. We learnt about making a ball with the clay and using water and scoring to join pieces together. We used clay tools to add details such as spots and eyes to our models. The children worked very hard and had some lovely, creative ideas. It was a fun and busy day!