The aim of the Governor team at our school is to work with the staff in supporting school improvement in line with the school vision.

We do this in five main ways:

  • Monitoring the performance and progress of our children;
  • Working with the staff to help them teach and care for our children;
  • Deciding on how the resources of the school are best used;
  • Planning ahead so that the performance of our children and our school continues to improve;
  • Being involved in the day to day life of the school.

To deliver this effectively the Governor team members are representative of all the key groups involved in our school – the Parents, the Staff, the Local Authority and the Community. Some are appointed and some are elected. All serve for a term of three years.

We meet together once a month as a whole team, and once a term for the Finance Committee. In addition, we each have an area that we take particular interest in (eg. Numeracy, Literacy, SEN).

We are always keen to hear your views and I hope that this page will help you to understand better what we do, who we are and why we are serving as Governors.


Governors Week - 2018

Current Governors

Governor Name Type of governor Chair or Vice Chair Committee Chair Finance Committee Member Connections to staff Term of office end date Other school governor posts held Business interests declared
Mrs S. Pecheur Head Teacher No  No  Yes


Head Teacher

 N/A  None  None
Mrs C. Masterson STF  No  No  No


Teaching Assistants

 01/09/2022  None  None
Miss K. Barnes CG  No  No  No


Ex staff member

 01/09/2022  None  None
Mrs T. Sagheer CG  Chair  No  No  No  08/07/2019  None  None
Mrs S. Jones CG  No  No  No Yes (runs sign language club and teaching sessions in school)  08/07/2019  None None
Mrs C. Finn CG  No  Yes  Yes  No  08/07/2019  None  None
Mrs V. Sharma CG  No  No  No  No  21/10/2019  None None
Mrs C. Wood PG  No  No  No  No  21/06/2022  None  None
Mr R.Drain CG  No  No Yes   No 11/10/2022  None  None
Miss F. Bissett LA No   No  No  No  28/02/2023  None None


PG         Parent Governor                                        STF        Staff governor

LA          Local Authority governor                           CG         Co-opted governor

AS          Associate governor

WLPS governance statement 2017-18
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WLPS Register of Interests
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Governing body membership and attendance 2017-18
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