While Governors are able to come into school at any time, we have designated Governor Weeks each year, where the Governors of the school take part in school activities to gain an insight into typical school days.

For those that may not be familiar with the principle, Governors are in school for a week in the autumn term and then revisit in the summer term normally with a focus to interact in lessons and speak to the children, staff and parents. This enhances Governor engagement and visibility as well as help us with the work we do.

Monday 24th May Day 1 - Zaheer

9.00am - Assembly – really informative, good interaction with children, saw awards ceremony and watched Dragons win the trophy. Love the concept of thinking time.

9.30am – H&S Walk - Great how the school are proactive in identifying risks, good to see improved flooring in reception/nursery

10.30am  - Yr 1 & Yr 4 (observed class). Watched children doing number bonds in Yr 1 and learn about St Georges day and estimating in Yr4. Great conversations witnessed in partner discussions. Saw children being supported based on their needs.

12.00pm – Spent time in playground talking to Lunchtime supervisors, joined a Yr2 class for lunch and they were the ones that asked the most challenging questions…. Lunch tasted much better than in my days at school

12.30pm - Reception, Yr 2 (observed class). After lunchtime shift in Reception. Hats off to the teachers ensuring all children are focussed and enjoying the learning.   Yr2 were more calm doing creative writing. 

2.00pm - Yr 5 (observed class) – Nice to see the class using iPads to research lifecycles. 

2.30pm – Ended my day by joining a ‘Positively Mad’ motivational workshop with KS2 children. Some good hints on how to maintain focussed, target setting and visualisation.

Tuesday 25th May Day 2 – Sheila AM

10.00am -Visited the Office to say Hi to the Office team and discuss permission slips for a school visit.

10.30am - Chatted with Mr Byron, regarding getting songs onto class share, for Year 1 to practice from.

11.00am - Chatted to Year 1 as they prepared to go out on an Activities visit. Had the chance to look at the children’s displays on the top corridor – I was so impressed with the efforts and creativeness of the children.

11.30am - Watched a Year 5 class make their own notes from a David Attenborough video and answer questions. Also watched the introduction to a Maths lesson in Year 5.

Tuesday 25th May Day 2 – Tomina PM

1.00pm – Had school dinner surrounded by Year 4 and then Year 6 children.  They had a lot of positive things to share about the experience of being a member of the school council.  Spoke to a few lunchtime supervisors and saw children having fun on the MUGA and numerous other playground facilities.  Certainly a lot of choice to be active in the playground!

1.30pm – Observed a Year 2 class for half an hour learning how to do the running stitch safely ahead of their inspire workshop with parents this Friday.

2.00pm – I had the privilege of observing several auditions for ‘Wheelers Lane Got Talent’ in another Year 2 class.  I was in awe watching some great performances; the confidence in singing and dancing to music artists such as Michael Jackson, Katie Perry, etc. was outstanding.

2.30pm – I observed this class finalising their bag designs on paper ready for the inspire workshop practical on Friday.  Saw some fantastic creative bag designs which I will be borrowing this weekend!

3.05pm – Learnt and saw how music can positively encourage the children to ‘tidy up’ the classroom in no time!

3.10pm – Observed pupils listening to a story about the ‘Mosquito and Lion’ and heard interesting pupil responses to text/questions and their comprehension to the ‘moral’ of the story.

3.20pm – Chat with the two Year 2 teachers I observed and praised them for their sheer hard work and thanked them for having me.  Hats off to all teachers as I was tired by the end of the few hours I was in school, let alone the whole day!

Wednesday 26th May Day 3 – Celine AM

12.00pm – I went into the playgroup during break times and looked at children using the playground equipment – as you can expect, they looked like they were enjoying playing on the outdoor play equipment.

12.30pm – I had a chance to speak to staff in the classes that I visited, Years 1, 4 & 5. Staff were very welcoming and appeared pleased to see Governors presence. They said they were pleased that the Head Teacher had given them the opportunity to have a 1:1 discussions.

1.00pm - Observed children either studying or playing. I received a very warm welcome from the children and was very impressed with the excellent behaviour. All children eager to show their work regardless of ability and it was lovely to see the levels of confidence of so many children in all year groups – children were very polite and engaging

2.00pm – I observed the use of iPads in Years 1, 4, 5. It was really good to see iPads were used in all areas of the school to varying degrees.

3.15pm – I watched the end of school transition from staff to parents and witnessed excellent procedures regarding the safe transition to parents / carers at the end of the day – this was very impressive process.

Wednesday 26th May Day 3 – Bushra PM

1.00pm - Had lunch with the children in KS2 and enjoyed a yummy roast chicken dinner. The sticky toffee pudding was a real treat.  It was great fun having lunch with the children. The children were surprised to realise that just like everyone else, Police Officers have lunch too! 

2.00pm - Later that afternoon, I had great fun visiting all the Reception classes to talk to the children about my job as a Police Sergeant. The children enjoyed asking lots of questions about being a Police Officer and had fun trying on my hat and being handcuffed. The teachers didn’t get away without being handcuffed too!

Thursday 27th May Day 4 – Sheila AM

10.00am - Quick visit to the Office. Everyone was working away, so I did not have the heart to disturb them. Everyone seems to be capable of doing at least 2 things at once.

10.30am - Walked around the library, recently well stocked, but with a number of boxes of books still to unpack. We are so lucky to have such a library, and what a lovely area for a quiet read.

10.45am - Everyone else is outside for a break, but 3 girls are moving trolleys around containing lunch boxes, ready for lunch time. They do this every day, twice a day - superstars!

11.00am - Visited 2  Year 3 classes doing guided reading. Very impressed that the children were working well, no matter which group they were in. Nice to see everyone working together.

11.15am - Visited the third class - to find them being taught Spanish! That was a surprise!  But I was very impressed with everyone's enthusiasm, and accents. Even I learned some Spanish words!

11.30am - Finished my time in class admiring the "toys" made from recycled material for a project. The children had some great ideas and it was lovely to see their constructions.

Thursday 27th May Day 4 – Bushra

I was lucky enough to accompanied a Reception class (RP) to Pizza Express in Shirley, as part of their Healthy Eating Topic. 

The children enjoyed getting mucky when rolling out their pizzas. The pizzas were made from scratch and all the children got to take their pizzas home at the end of the trip. 

The trip was well planned and the children were real ambassadors for Wheeler Lane Primary School, with each of them receiving a certificate for their efforts.  

Well done to all the children and staff!

Friday 28th May Day 5 - Sheila AM

11.30pm – Saw Year 3 prepare to measure and record the temperature of 3 different water sources. This is and example where Science and Maths overlap! Everybody was very keen to read the temperature as accurately as possible and check their partner's reading and  all were very careful with the thermometers. Maths was never this interesting when I was in school!

12.00am - Went to another Year 3 class to see the next part of the lesson, which was a worksheet about reading different thermometers. We had to read off the thermometer even if it was below zero, or not exactly on a number and all the scales were different! Much more fun than working from a book!

12.30pm - After an hour of Maths, I reckon I deserved some lunch, so joined the queue in the dining room. Decent portions, lots of choice, and a salad bar too! Those I was talking to told me that the food was "pretty good" at school and preferred school meals to sandwiches. 1.00pm - Went to hand in my Active Kids vouchers in the office. I hope everyone else is supporting school this way!

1.30pm - Just about to start my signing lessons in Year 3. We have a concert to prepare for in July, to be held at Camp Hill. I am hoping we can learn "Happy", and would like the teachers to do the chorus on their own. 

I wonder how likely this is???

Friday 28th May Day 5 - Vina PM

2.15pm – Enjoyed my time with Year 2, who have been having a wonderful time getting creative with Design and Technology sewing and hat making workshops. It was a wonderful community event with grandparents, parents and even neighbours working alongside the children. The atmosphere was lively and up beat in some rooms and calm and focused in others. All the children seemed to be fully absorbed in their activities. Thanks to Anaaya in 2J who shared her wonderfully decorated hat which she had skilfully created using sky blue felt. 

Hats off to all the teachers and staff involved!

2.30pm –  Visited Reception to see first hand the children taking part in a show and tell activity. Some of the children had brought in their favourite items from home and Musa very proudly talked about his Henry the hoover soft toy. The children enjoyed seeing him wearing my glasses and trying out being a Governor for a while! 

Lots of positive feedback about teaching in the school from Miss Davies and wonderful to pop in and see Mrs Coupland  in Nursery too.