Deaf Awareness


Year 3 were fortunate enough to have a visit from a lady and her Hearing Dog for the Deaf this week. The visitor explained the process of training that her dog experienced, how the dog helps her around the house and in public and finally, we got to pet the dog if we wished. 

It is contributing towards our deaf awareness certificate that a lot of us are hoping to achieve by the end of Year 3. 



Skipping to success

Year 3 have been really enjoying their skipping topic in PE this term. We have been practising our different skipping methods, including cross over and boxer style and learning from each other to continue to improve. Here is an example of some SUPER SKIPPING from 3B!

Year 3 Science

In Science this week, we started our forces topic with an 'awe and wonder' lesson. It involved balloons and toilet roll tubes... 

... yes, you guess it, we made balloon cars! 

Terrific Timezone

Year 3 had a very exciting visit from the company Timezone this week to kick start our Summer topic of Stone Age through to the Iron Age. Although Timezone have visited Wheelers Lane many times, it is the first time Year 3 have got to experience it a topic day with them. 

We were able to make our own piece of felt using wool and we got to see the process of the fibres combining together. Exploring the different artefacts was pretty incredible! Looking at different bones, clothing, how they lived and the weaponry they had too. In the afternoon, we explored the different methods of working in the Iron Age including spindle wheels and using a niddy noddy. Trying on some of the armour that they would have used in the Iron Age was great too (some of us thought it was far too heavy!)

Money, Money, Money! 

This week we have kick started our measurement topic in Maths. We have been exploring the values of notes and coins and combining them to make different amounts. We will also be adding different amounts together and finding change. It has been lovely to go swimming in the warmer weather and learn even more skills.

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