Spring 2- Week 4



This week, we are absolutely loving watching our caterpillars grow. They have now formed their chrysalis and we have popped them inside the net ready to watch them break out into butterflies! Check out our pictures of their journey so far. We have also really enjoyed learning about HIIT training in PE. It is exhausting! 5B were lucky enough to have Mr Byron come to teach us a few techniques which definitely helped.


In English this week, we have had the challenge of writing in both third person and in the present tense! This is so tricky and the teachers are really impressed with some of the writing that has been produced. Children looked at range of descriptive writing and ultimately had the choice of writing a descriptive piece based upon a scene from our book, "Wonder," or based upon a short film that we watched which represented how advertising can be misleading.


We started our shape topic in Maths and have covered 2D and 3D shapes. Friday was particularly fun as we created nets of 3D shapes using art straws and then attempted to use these to create 3D shapes. We definitely learnt about the importance of accurate measuring here!


Spring 2- Week 3


Well, after World Book Day last week, we thought that school couldn't possibly be any more exciting. How wrong were we?! Our lessons have been very inspiring this week- particularly our work in English. In topic, we have been learning about pyroclastic flows. Do you know the most famous pyroclastic flow of all time? Year 5 do!


In English, we looked at Treacher Collins Syndrome. This is a condition suffered by Auggie (the main character in "Wonder"). We were fascinated by how the syndrome occurs and how it affects people throughout their whole life. We then used this knowledge to create a double page spread information text. This was the best part as children were able to choose how they presented their work. The teachers would love to do this more often as publishing the work made the children feel so proud of themselves! Check out the photo to see how great the pieces were.


In Maths, we completed our final week on Fractions. It has been very enjoyable to use the hundred grid to help us convert between fractions, decimals and percentages. We also used these skills and applied them to word problems. Children need to know the FDP equivalences of 1/2, 1/4, 1/10, 1/5 and 1/3 so see if they can remember!

Next week, we will be moving on to our new topic of shape. 


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Spring 2- Week 1


We can't believe that we are into our first week of spring term 2 already! This year seems to have whizzed by.

In English, we have begun to read the book "Wonder" by R. J Palacio. You may have seen the film version advertised recently. We haven't learnt too much about the book so far, but we know that the protagonist is called Auggie, and we are excited to find out more about him.

We have been writing our own recounts this week and have had the chance to choose what we are writing about. A video from the famous poet Michael Rosen helped us to plan our ideas out and the teachers have been really fascinated by some of the information that they have discovered!

In Maths, we have looked at recapping our fraction knowledge in addition to adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators. If you're not sure how to do this, then ask your children as they are experts!

We also held our homework showcase this week. Thank you to all of the children that put so much effort into their homework. We really look forward to seeing what you have been up to at home and we hope that you enjoy the freedom of choosing your challenges.

Look out for our twitter updates next week as we celebrate world book day!


Spring 2- Week 2


A highlight of our week was definitely World Book day on Friday. We had an Alice in Wonderland theme and even had a Mad Hatter's tea party. Thank you to all of the children and parents who contributed to this; you definitely mad the day memorable! See the pictures below to see how we decorated the corridor, created poems based on the "Jabberwocky", created Mad Hatter Hats, used Alice in Numblerland and, of course, ate lots of cake whilst playing chess!

In English this week, we have been working in teams to write a recount of our character August's first day at school. We have found out that Auggie suffers from Treacher Collins syndrome, and has never been to real school in his whole life. This part of the book was quite emotional and we enjoyed meeting new characters such as Jack, Julian and Charlotte. The written pieces were fantastic and it was great to see so many children working together to improve their work.

In Maths, we started to look at how to find equivalences between fractions, decimals and percentages using a hundred square. This is an excellent tool to use- please ask your children to show you! In year 5, we should know the equivalent FDPs of 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1/3. Children need to practise these as they are often questions within SATs papers.

We can't forget that it was also Shrove Tuesday last week. Best wishes to our families who are observing lent. We know that Mrs Pecheur has given up chocolate- good luck!

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Super week in Year 5


Another super week in Year 5 at WLPs! We are so busy yet again but are loving everything that we are doing in school. 


In English, we are still looking at our book"There's a boy in the girls bathroom." Our writing has been focused around diary entries and formal letters. In both of these text types, children have had to put themselves in a character's shoes and we have been really impressed with their empathy towards others. Children have also used their diary writing skills in Science lessons, writing "It's a bird's life!" If you are ever in school, make sure that you check out our displays to view these fantastic pieces.


In Maths, extending our multiplication formal written methods has been key. All three teachers are so pleased with how hard children have worked in order to develop this skill and it is fantastic to be able to say that all children made great progress during this week. Practising times tables is essential in order to be able to move on, so if you have chance to do this at home we would be very grateful.


We also had our wow starter day for our new topic "living on the edge." We looked at typical American sports such as baseball, line dancing and cheerleading and also made some yummy pancakes. Children loved learning all of these new skills and are very excited to continue with our topic.


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