Spring 2- Week 4



This week, we are absolutely loving watching our caterpillars grow. They have now formed their chrysalis and we have popped them inside the net ready to watch them break out into butterflies! Check out our pictures of their journey so far. We have also really enjoyed learning about HIIT training in PE. It is exhausting! 5B were lucky enough to have Mr Byron come to teach us a few techniques which definitely helped.


In English this week, we have had the challenge of writing in both third person and in the present tense! This is so tricky and the teachers are really impressed with some of the writing that has been produced. Children looked at range of descriptive writing and ultimately had the choice of writing a descriptive piece based upon a scene from our book, "Wonder," or based upon a short film that we watched which represented how advertising can be misleading.


We started our shape topic in Maths and have covered 2D and 3D shapes. Friday was particularly fun as we created nets of 3D shapes using art straws and then attempted to use these to create 3D shapes. We definitely learnt about the importance of accurate measuring here!