Year 5 Update


The Christmas display week has arrived and competition is in full force. 5K have looked at Christmas in Japan, 5A Christmas in Russia and 5B Christmas in Australia. Check out our twitter page to see what you think of them!

In English this week, the teachers were really impressed with the paired write setting descriptions. Children worked together to create a fantastic piece of writing and this is definitely something that we will be doing again. We have also started to plan our own myth. There are lots of creative ideas for what they could be about, including why the moon appears to change and why leaves fall down.

In Maths, our focus has been on multiples and factors. We now know what this vocabulary means and have completed lots of interesting investigations to discover the lowest common multiple and highest common factors. We will continue with this next week, looking at prime numbers and even abundant numbers (Mr Knight bets that you don't know what these are!)

We have also been lucky enough to take part in a variety of Scientific investigations. Did you know that you can blow up a balloon using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar? 5B were so worried it was going to explode!

Keep a look out on our twitter for examples of all of this amazing work @Year5_WLPS