Exploring 10, 100 and 1000


It’s been a fantastic week in Year 4 with lots of learning taking place. In Maths, the children have enjoyed exploring 10, 100 and 1000 more and less. In English, the children have finished reading The Iron Man and created their own sequel called The Iron Woman. In Science, the children have been learning all about Thomas Edison and how he invented the lightbulb.


Year 4 - Roman Day


Year 4 have had another busy and exciting week. Visitors from Time Zone led our amazing Roman Day where we debated; marched as Roman soldiers complete with shield and spear and learnt how to write the Roman alphabet with quills and ink. In Science, we enjoyed creating electrical circuits and predicting which circuits would work. After all the excitement of these lessons, we have relaxed in our Pilates sessions where we hold poses with strange names such as Siamese, Giraffe and Mountain Ledge!

Welcome Year 4!

It has been great getting to know the children in our classes and they have settled in extremely well. The children have dived straight into their learning which is wonderful to see and are very enthused about their upcoming music lessons, Rampaging Roman topic and finding out about all things electrical.

A newsletter has been sent out detailing our curriculum coverage during the Autumn term. We have some very exciting visits/visitors to look forward to including a Timezone day, a whole school Christmas theatre trip and hopefully a trip which includes things that go bump in the night. 

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