What delightful weather!!

What delightful weather! 

We have all been treated to some absolutely beautiful weather this week and we have thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine. We hope it will continue well into Spring. 

Year 4 have an impressive half term coming up and it is set to get the creative juices flowing. Each class are having their trip to Pizza Express. Parents and carers, look out for the delicious pizza your child will be bringing home. With our Maths work on fractions, we are hoping that they will give you an eighth at least!  

For our sound topic, we have some fantastic visitors coming into school to carry out a workshop with each class. We are looking forward to finding out about sound waves, vibrations, how sounds travel through mediums and how we can strengthen the vibrations of a sound. 

Look out for more information about an art gallery that Year 4 will be hosting for parents and carers. It will be held on Tuesday 2nd April at 2pm. 

Finally, a small reminder concerning musical instruments. We are incredibly fortunate to have music lessons that are delivered by talented music teachers. For each child to get the most out of each music lesson, it really is important for their musical instrument to be in school. Below is a little reminder of which day each class has their music lesson. 







Julia Hickman

KS2 Pupil Premium Lead and Year 4 Lead