Reception Nativity Song

Practice, Practice, Practice

Creation Station


Well we have been crazy creators this week. Look how inventively we have used our resources to make such interesting creations! Some children realised they could slot the bamboo canes together and decided to use this to make the tallest beanstalk that they could! "It's taller than my Daddy". The children also made the Coral Reef...C-c-Coral Reef - that starts with one of this week's sounds! Then some children worked together to turn the recycling into an awesome robot! 

What creative little creatures we have in Reception this year. We love where our imaginations can take us.


Sounds for Reception


Get ready to hear lots of different sounds from us at home this week because we have been learning the letter names and letter sounds for lots of letters! S, a, t, p, i, n, m, d and g are the ones we have done so far. We have been learning how to write each letter and how to hold our pencils. You can help us to practise this at home by getting our pinching fingers ready! P-p-p-pinching fingers! 


Look at all of the activities we have been doing around letters. I can see a d-d-d-drum... a d-d-d-dog an a-a-a-ant...the letter g-g-g and lots of different marks that we made on the board! Our hands have been very busy this week. You could ask me the some words that start with these sounds at home if you want to help me. 


I wonder which sounds we will learn to say and write next week...I can't wait! 





We love seeing what the children get up to at home. Look at this fabulous rocket and rocket launcher. It is so special and sparkly and we can see you really used your imagination to make it! We are looking forward to seeing if this inspires others to have a go at being creative at home or at school.  


Learning about each other


Since starting school we have all been learning about each other and now we have made lots of new friends. We are thinking about how we can show our kind hands, kind feet and kind words to others and how sharing our things can make playing much more fun!

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