Year 1 learning about division

This week, Year 1 are starting to learn about division. Today we learned that dividing means the same as sharing and we learned the symbol for division too. We spent our lesson solving real-life problems using division like dividing people equally onto buses and sharing pasta onto plates. We now know that we have to divide equally so that each group has the same amount. We had lots of fun today!

Growing Together

We are in the middle of our 'Growing Together' topic in Year 1 at the moment and, this week, we are linking it to our English work. By the end of the week, we will have written our very own flower poems. To help us to do this, we spent today looking at, feeling and smelling a variety of different flowers to help us to create a bank of adjectives to describe them. We came up with some great words to describe the flowers and leaves such as: zig-zaggy, thorny, bendy, smooth, silky, pretty, sweet and bright. We are looking forward to using some of these adjectives in our flower poems later on in the week! 


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A Visit from Pirate Ron!

We had a very special visit from Pirate Ron who sailed the seven seas to come and see us in Year One! He told us all about his life as a pirate on board his ship and we were able to ask him lots of questions that we had prepared for him. We even met some of his crew!
We finished off a fantastic term with our grand finale- a Pirate Party!!! We all dressed up for the day in pirate fancy dress (including the teachers!), completed lots of creative pirate activities (such as flag and hat making!), enjoyed a pirate feast and took part in some pirate dancing. We were all ready for half term after all of that excitement, we look forward to our new topic next term.

Growing Together!

We have lots going on this term despite it only being a short one and we can't wait to get stuck in to our new Growing topic! Check out what we will be learning on our newsletter attached.
We have already carried out an investigation to discover what plants need to grow and have used this knowledge to plant a seed of our own!
In English, we are looking at lots of stories and non-fiction books about growing. We particularly loved looking at the stories Jack and the Beanstalk and The Enormous Turnip. We have been using time connectives to write our own instructions on 'How to plant a seed'.

We were lucky enough to have looked after little chicks for the past few weeks. We watched as they hatched out of the egg and grew their feathers! We were sad to see them go back to the farm but loved our time looking after them. 

Shiver Me Timbers!

 We have already started our new and exciting Spring topic- Shiver me timbers. It's going to include learning about pirates, boats, artists, materials, stories and much more!

In Science we have been learning all about Materials and their properties. We investigated and sorted them into different groups, for example- hard and soft.

We carried out an experiment and made boats out of paper to see if it would be a good material to use for a pirate boat. We discovered that at first they floated, but then when they soaked up water they sank and fell apart. We had some great discussions about why this happened and why we do not have paper boats!

In English, we have started to look at some great pirate stories. This week we looked at Pirate Pete. We described him using a variety of adjectives and the islands that he visited. We loved designing our own Candy Islands using real sweets. We had fun describing it using interesting adjectives. We were allowed to eat the sweets afterwards for doing it so well!

In History, this week we explored how boats have changed over time. We discussed the materials they were made of and their different uses. We then ordered them chronologically on a timeline and gave reasons for their positions on it.

We are looking forward to learning more through our Pirate topic over the next few weeks. Take a look at our curriculum overview for this term!

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