Creating our own obstacle course


In Reception, we decided to create our own obstacle course. Together we discussed the skills that the children would practise and decided on catching, throwing, balancing and having fun! They had a great time and showed how they could rise to every challenge while still smiling.


Practical Maths


Reception using a variety of resources in Reception to support their working.

 safety when in the sun

As the weather improves the children are now learning and talking about safety when in the sun. This has included use of sun cream to protect our skin, wearing hats, drinking water and not approaching water in the environment without an adult. Here are some of our thoughts and drawings. 



Art Gallery 2018

A big thank you to all the parents for attending and allowing us the opportunity to share our learning.

Healthy eating and active lifestyles

We have focused upon healthy eating and active lifestyles. This has included participating in yoga
and talking about the food choices we make. 

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