The world of Shakespeare through studying Romeo and Juliet

  Last week, the children have been immersed into the world of Shakespeare through studying Romeo and Juliet. They have explored Shakespearean language; performed acts from the play; completed biographies about Shakespeare for homework and written diary entries from a character's perspective in lessons. The enjoyment and engagement in the topic has been excellent and the teachers have enjoyed teaching the unit as much as the children have enjoyed participating and learning. The teachers have been very impressed with the children's mature responses to the story line.  We can't wait for The Young Shakespeare Company to perform Macbeth to us this week and allow use to extend our knowledge of Shakespeare's plays.  
  On another note, the Christmas display competition is hotting up, with 6N completing theirs on The Nativity, 6M on Santa Clause the Movie and 6S on Miracle on 34th Street. With display work due to be completed on Monday afternoon, hopefully one of the year 6 classes will storm to victory.  

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