Year 3 Learning all about rocks

This week we have explored different types of rocks as part of our Science topic. We have looked at the three different types of natural rock; igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. When exploring we thought about how we would describe the rock and which type of rock it might be.

Happy New Year

We hope you have had a well rested break and enjoyed spending time with family and friends. 

This week we have experienced food tasting, rescuing Bear Grylls on a very important mission and our rescheduled trip to the theatre. What a fantastic first week back! 

Chocolate Creations

Year 3 had the pleasure of attending a chocolate extravaganza that Year 6 had organised. We got to visit the range of stalls to see what offers they had. Exploring the different package designs was fun and the chocolates all looked scrumptious. We purchased our goodies and then even sampled some of them back in our classrooms. 

What a delicious way to end the week!

What a term!

Year 3 have had an incredibly busy yet fantastic term. It is hard to believe that we only moved up to KS2 at the beginning of September. It feels like we have been here for much longer.

Next term is going to be amazing when we go on adventures Bear Grylls style, there is a trip to Sarehole Mill and of course the eagerly anticipated swimming! 

We hope you have a fabulous Christmas break and a wonderful New Year.

Christmas Time

Preparations are well underway in Year 3 for the run up to Christmas. We have been busy working on our Christmas corridor displays and rehearsals for the concert are in full swing. We are particularly focussing on combining our signing and singing. 

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