Wheelers Lane Staff

Head Teacher

Mrs S. Pecheur

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs J. Richmond

Assistant Head Teacher for Curriculum and Assessment

Mr T. Bishop

Assistant Head Teacher for Inclusion

Mrs E. Sumner

Assistant Head Teacher for Teaching and Learning

Mr. O. Wood

Early Years Leader

Mrs E. Davis

Key Stage 1 Leader (Years 1 and 2)

Mrs J. Howes

English Leader

Mrs S. Stone

Maths Leader

Mr J. Canning

Interventions Manager

Mrs M. Fisher

Nursery Manager

Mrs R. Coupland

Reception Teacher Class RP

Miss C. Preston

Reception Teacher Class RLD

Miss L. Davis

Year 1 Teacher Class 1B

Miss E. Baggott

Year 1 Teacher Class 1HT

Mrs H. Hodges

Year 1 Teacher Class 1HT

Miss K. Taylor

Year 2 Manager Class 2HM

Miss J. Hickman

Year 2 Teacher Class 2HL

Mrs A. Clifford

Year 2 Teacher Class 2J

Miss A. Johns

Year 3 Teacher Class 3F

Miss S. Fulford

Year 3 Teacher Class 3W

Miss A. Wakefield

Year 4 Manager Class 4M

Miss L. McEvilly

Year 4 Teacher Class 4K

Mr A. Knight

Year 4 Teacher Class 4F

Miss N. Fletcher

Year 5 Teacher Class 5A

Mrs M. Alsaraf

Year 5 Teacher Class 5B

Miss K. Barnes

Year 6 Manager Class 6S

Miss M. Stagg

Year 6 Teacher Class 6M

Miss B. McGarry

Year 6 Teacher Class 6N

Miss H. Neill



PPA teacher

Mr T. Wynne Willson

PPA teacher

Mrs C. Thompson

PPA teacher

Mrs R. Hodges

PPA teacher

Mrs K. Harte

PPA teacher

Miss K. Taylor

PPA teacher

Mrs L. Cornes

PPA teacher

Mrs H. Hanson



Nursery TA

Mrs K. Pemberton

Nursery TA

Mrs A. Zafar

Reception TA

Mrs S. Parkes

Reception TA

Mrs T. Lines-Mullis

Reception TA

Mrs P. Moyle

Year 1 TA

Mrs A. Cooper

Year 1 TA

Mrs P. Keen

Year 1 HLTA

Mrs K. Dowell

Year 2 TA

Mrs M. Cartmell

Year 2 TA

Mrs C. Masterson

Year 2 TA

Mrs N. Jutley

Year 3 TA

Ms L. Simons

Year 3 TA

Mrs F. Naureen

Year 3 TA

Mrs J. Manku

Year 4 TA

Mrs S. Chiles

Year 4 HLTA

Mrs S. Mullett

Year 5 TA

Mr R. Rose

Year 5 TA

Ms P. O’Brien

Year 6 TA

Mrs Z. Yasmin


Mrs R. Smith

Learning Mentor

Mrs D. Laffey



Senior Office Manager

Mrs A. Bates

Office Manager

Mrs E. Ascough

School Administrator

Mrs P. Johnston

Admin Assistant

Mrs G. Machin

Admin Assistant

Mrs A. Powell

ICT Manager

Mr J. Byron

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