“Spotacular” success at Wheelers Lane Primary School

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Wheelers Lane pupils, staff and parent’s helped the children of the School Council raise money for Children In Need, by taking part in a number of activities on Friday 18th November 2016. On the morning of Children In Need, the staff and children all came into school dressed In pyjamas and onesies.


 A special thank you must be given to Miss Yasmin, who donated to the special event, our very own personalised Wheelers Lane Pudsey bear sweet cones. Children were asked to donate 50p a raffle ticket strip to be in with a chance of winning one of these sweet cones. Members of the School Council went around each class selling raffle tickets in the morning for all children to be in with a chance of winning one of the Pudsey Bear sweet cones. In the afternoon School Council selected two winners from KS1, two winners from KS2, two from reception and one from nursery. Thank you to all of you, who donated money to this activity.

At lunchtime Mrs Laffey was helped by Mr Rose and the School Council to put on another exciting event. The muga was used that afternoon to host a Spotacular obstacle course, and a number of sponsored events, including a skip – a – thon, hoola – hoop –a – thon and other sporty activities. These two events were very popular, with lots of children turning up and donating their twenty pences into the bucket for Children In Need. On the outside of the muga, we placed Pudsey bears for each colour house, in order for children to donate any of their coppers. This was very successful with children placing their coins on their colour house.

The donations did not stop there…


After school Miss Johns, Miss Yasmin, Miss Naureen, some parent helpers and Mrs Laffey helped run a couple of activities and stalls to help stretch the donations even more for Children In Need. We had a samosa stall, which was very popular and sold out within no time, we also ran a stationary stall, a ceramic plate decorating stall and a spotty face painting stall. The turnout was absolutely brilliant with lots of parent’s, staff and children donating their money until the end of the school day. Our grand total that we all helped raise for Children In Need will be posted on our school website this week. Thank you on behalf of Wheelers Lane for all of your donations.

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