Our purpose:


1. To give all pupils a voice in how our school runs.

2. To represent our class at council meetings.

3. To involve pupils in decision making processes.

4. To ensure all pupils have a voice at our school.

5. To give pupils the opportunity to make decisions about out school.

Our members:

. One child in each class is elected from Year 1-6 to represent the views of the pupils and improve the school.

. Mrs Richmond and Mrs Laffey.

. The council meet at the beginning of the academic year elect officers such as a chair, treasurer and a secretary from years 5 and 6.


Council Members

Role: To attend council meetings and act as a role model for others.

. To listen to children in their class.

. To share their class views in meetings.

. To share information about meetings with their class.

. To set agenda’s.

. To give feedback to pupils and teachers when necessary.

. To keep minutes of School Council meetings.

School Council Newsletters 2

School Council Agenda/Action Plan

Article List

Visit to the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham On Thursday the 23rd of March, School Council along with Mrs Laffey, Mrs Richmond and two parent volunteers, went along to visit the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham. We were all extremely excited as we went along to gain more knowledge about…

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