School Improvement Plan

Wheelers Lane Primary School is a caring school where we want everyone to feel safe, secure and happy, where there is a sense of belonging and community.

Each year we produce a School Improvement Plan which includes our priorities for the year and how we are going to achieve them. Information from parent, pupil and staff questionnaires is used to help us decide where improvements are needed along with school self-evaluation and monitoring.

Our targets for this year are:

  • Priority 1: Standards

    The gap between children in receipt of pupil premium and those not, will reduce on the previous
    Standards at the end of each Key Stage will be in line with or above National Average. Standards
    for every Year Group will show an increase on the previous year.
    All children will make a minimum of 1 year’s progress with some making accelerated
    Whole school attendance will increase to 97%.

  • Priority 2: Teaching, Learning and Assessment

    Teachers will plan and deliver high quality sequences of learning based on prior assessment,
    which enable children to achieved expected outcomes in each curriculum area. Children will learn
    through high quality experiences inside and outside the classroom. Assessment procedures and
    processes will be clear and consistent across school enabling
    tracking of pupils and groups.

  • Priority 3: Leadership and Management

    Leaders at all levels will have a positive impact on standards, progress, the quality of
    teaching and behaviour and relationships.
    Opportunities will be available for leaders at all levels to develop their skills. Pupil leaders
    will have a positive impact on outcomes for children in school.

  • Priority 4: Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

    Maintain and reinforce high standards of behaviour to ensure children’s safety, welfare and
    person development.
    The school environment will meet the needs of its users supporting and celebrating learning and
    positive behaviour.
    The school environment will promote active learning for all children.

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