Christmas Time

Preparations are well underway in Year 3 for the run up to Christmas. We have been busy working on our Christmas corridor displays and rehearsals for the concert are in full swing. We are particularly focussing on combining our signing and singing. 

Let it snow!

Well the arrival of snow in Birmingham has us all excited. We are feeling the Christmas spirit even more so now. It is a stark contrast to the weather in Egypt which we have been researching as part of our persuasive writing unit in English. 

Next week we will be writing our own persuasive leaflets for Egypt as part of our Geography topic.


This week has been anti-bullying week. We have revisited what bullying looks like and who we can talk to if this is happening. This year we have focused a lot on using kind words and the power of good. Mindfulness has been practised within the classroom as a technique to calm our thoughts and feelings so that more positive actions can be used instead. 

Marvellous Myths

Year 3 have been focussing on myths over the last three weeks, especially those set in Egypt. After creating some powerful heroes and crafty villains, our final black belt pieces of writing were NEARLY as good as the teachers' originals... (Well, maybe theirs were a bit better than ours - you decide!)

Magnificent Maths

For the last few weeks we have been adding numbers together mentally. This can include using practical equipment because we then need to use mental strategies to add the hundreds, tens and units together.

We have been using a range of equipment such as base 10, place value counters and part-whole models to really understand addition in different ways. 

Over the next few weeks we will be moving onto column addition. One of our big questions to focus on is 'Is column method always the most appropriate way of solving an addition calculation?'.

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