holiday homework challenge

Well done to everyone who took part in our holiday homework challenge. Take a look at some of our houses from The Great Fire of London. We are so impressed with the quality of work and your dedication to the Topic. Thanks also to everyone else who helped at home! Keep up the hard work Year 2! 


Year 2 are really enjoying learning about place value

Year 2 are really enjoying learning about place value. We have been learning that the same value can look different. We've used practical equipment to make different numbers and represented them in different ways. 
What other equipment could you use at home to represent the number 23? How else could you make this number? Could you use a subtraction calculation? 

Year 2 visit To Selly Manor

Year 2 visited Selly Manor where we learnt all about the Great Fire of London. We had so much fun dressing up and re-enacting the story of when Samuel Pepys saw the fire. We also played olden day games and tried on different armour. The helmets were very heavy! Next week we will be using our knowledge to write our own diaries about the Great Fire!

The Great Fire of London

This week Year 2 have been using the I pads to create a news report about The Great Fire of London. We have enjoyed planning our report, watching Newsround to get ideas and developing our presentation skills. 
Have a look at Mr Canning's dramatic report from Pudding Lane!! 
We hope you have a happy and safe half term. 
Don't forget to complete your holiday homework challenge
Happy Halloween.

Year 2 Story Settings

Year 2 have enjoyed learning about a variety of story settings and have a discovered a whole range of new adjectives to use in their writing. We loved exploring the forest classroom where we used our senses to gain further ideas for our setting descriptions.

We are looking forward to our trip on Tuesday 3rd October to Selly Manor!


Please remember to wear school uniform, sensible school shoes and bring a coat to wrap up warm! 

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