A Reception Christmas Story

One starry night in Bethlehem there was a donkey called Imaan who was walking in the snow. She discovered a snowman and the snowman looked sad.“Why are you sad?” asked Imaan.“I can’t find my hat!” said the Snowman.

The snowman told the donkey how he had been walking past a stable when a big gust of wind blew his hat high in the sky. “I will help you find it!” said the kind donkey.


The donkey took the snowman to a stable he had visited earlier.

Once the donkey stepped inside he spotted the hat. It was on the head of a little baby! The donkey explained to the snowman that the baby he heard was called Jesus.The Snowman said “That’s ok. He can keep it! He must need it to keep warm. I can buy another one on Ebay.”

Authors: Reception Class 2017-18.

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