Making amazing shelters for King Harold's tomb

  In the last week of term, Year 5 have been busy making amazing shelters for King Harold's tomb, spending time practising our skills, and had our highlight of the week - Viking Day! We had families, praised Odin, bowled with sticks, wrote in runes, and marched in a terrifying manner! Please see the video and let us know how scared you are...  

Year 5 can breathe a sigh of relief!

Year 5 can breathe a sigh of relief! We have all now performed super assemblies and can now get back to normal. What a busy few weeks it has been. It was lovely to get a chance to meet so many parents on the consultation evenings. Next week, we are looking forward to our Viking day and learning more about how they lived their day to day lives.  

5B have been working hard on their assembly

5B have been working hard on their assembly: rehearsing lines, singing songs and polishing their acting skills. 5S and 5A are busily preparing for theirs.    We are now coming to the end of our work on the Lady of Shalott, which has really captured our imagination.   

Class Assemblies

Year 5 are continuing with their class assemblies - please see below for some pictures of 5B in full flow, and come back next week to see how 5S got on! As well as learning lines, we've been carrying on with our work on narrative poetry. We are all experts on Camelot and stagecoach robbery after our work on The Lady of Shalott by Tennyson and The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes, and have been learning more about figurative language too. 'As bright as neon socks from the 1980s' was one standout example!




'1066 and all that'

  In Year 5, we have launched our topic '1066 and all that' by recreating the Bayeux tapestry using paint. We know that it was 70m long and created as a record of the Battle of Hastings. Each pair were responsible for a different scene including battle scenes and the death of the King! It was a great day and we are looking forward to finding out more when we look in greater depth at the tapestry later in our topic.  

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