Reading the Twits!

What an exciting week we have had reading the Twits! The highlight of our week was definitely acting out the chapter 'Wormy Spaghetti'. We had great fun being Mr and Mrs Twit using expression and thinking about our body language when we were performing our drama. There were laughs all round from the children and staff! The drama was then used on Friday to retell the chapter in the style of Roald Dahl. It has been a great week and we will continue with the Twits in English next week.

Looking at the story of 'Jumanji

We have been learning some new songs as part of the Ex-Cathedra visitors we had in school. We particularly like 'This song is a good song' and 'John Kanaka'. 
This week we have really enjoyed looking at the story of 'Jumanji'. Our imaginations have been active as we thought of our own event that could happen after the dice had been rolled. What fun it was! In Maths we have spent time revisiting all four operations and practising our calculation methods.  As Spring has just arrived we have been looking at the different seasons and how the weather changes. We have been geographical explorers too by comparing the North and South Pole. 

Bollywood Stars!

This week in Year 2 we were lucky enough to have a visitor from Bollywood Dream Dance. Each class got to learn a routine to some music in our own workshop session. Then we got to showcase our amazing skills to the other Year 2 classes. We had an amazing time and wanted to learn more routines. We could all choose a movement we liked the best and discuss why. This has been part of our topic work on India and we will be using the movements and routines as part of our Dance unit for the rest of the half term.  

Summer term begins!

Well what an incredibly busy week it has already been. We attended the multi-skills event at Billesley Tennis Centre as a year group and had so much fun completing all of the different activities. Unfortunately, we did not win the competition however we took part and had lots of fun. 

On Friday we had a huge amount of parents/carers attend our D.T. Inspire workshop. We managed to make our own bag by using our sewing techniques and even got to decorate it using our own designs. Thank you to everyone who came. We are already using our bags for many different things

Year 2 have been learning all about 2D

Last Week, Year 2 have been learning all about 2D shapes. We learned the names of different shapes and can now describe their properties by using maths language such as sides and vertices. 


We also learned what symmetry is and we had such fun completing our activity where we had to make symmetrical patterns using cubes. Check out some of our work! 

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