Developing our den building skills

We have been developing our den building skills in the playground and in the forest classroom. We thought carefully about how to make the sticks stand up and how to add material to keep us dry. We also had to make the den big enough for the whole group to fit inside. After all our hard work we had hot chocolates and chocolate fingers while listening to a story.

It was lots of fun with lots of talking, problem solving and collaborative working!

The children have been working hard

  The children have been working hard to learn each others names this week and are getting much better at talking to each other as they play.        We have been using boxes and cardboard to make models, we made a crocodile and a bird using colourful feathers!        We have also been adapting our learning environment so the children can have the best experiences whilst they are here. We have moved the writing area and made more space for them to lie on the floor to make marks on paper and cardboard. We have moved the large building blocks outside and opened the gates between Nursery and Reception outside areas so we can access the water wall and the digging pit.  

Roald Dahl Day

Roald Dahl Day  Nursery enjoyed Roald Dahl day on 13.9.16 and were learning about The BFG. We talked about the story and how big giants are. We decided they wouldn't fit in our classroom! The children worked together to make a picture of the BFG and Sophie. They used scissors and glue and lots of imagination! Doesn't it look great on the wall? 

We have been practising sitting in small groups during story time and are working hard to learn our friends names and remember which colour group we are in!    Miss Carlin has Blue Group, Mrs Zafar has Red Group and Mrs Pemberton has Green Group.

Nursery 2016-2017 A Warm Welcome

'We have welcomed our new Nursery children this week. They have all done fantastically and are settling in well, we are very proud of them!   Our classroom is ready for lots of exploring, learning and fun. We have moved furniture so the children can move more freely and have used neutral colours so their work will stand out when it goes up on the walls. Our resources are easily accessible on low shelves and in baskets; we are encouraging the children to be independent in their choices in the classroom and the outside area.      We are looking forward to an exciting year with all the children!'  

Foam and Dinosaurs!

`This week the children have been experimenting with mark making in shaving foam. We talked about the texture and the smell as we used our fingers to make marks and draw shapes. Tiana said it felt 'gloopy'  Freddie called it 'slimy' and Arlo said it was 'like a marshmallow'.    The afternoon children decided to add dinosaur toys to the foam and make footprints, we then thought it would be nice to change the colour of the foam and added green food colouring!    Our dinosaur swamp was very popular with the children and they enjoying getting messy.   (pictures)   We have also been: digging for treasure in the sandpit outside, using the bikes and scooters, using tweezers to move beads carefully, and role playing with the Peppa Pig characters.   A very busy week!   Our Newsletter will be sent out on Friday but a copy can be found here as well.'

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