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School News

Making Cakes !!

We are learning to make cakes by reading and following recipes and weighing out the ingredients by ourselves.

We have been working together to plan and create our own inventions.

Reflecting on the progress we have made

  As we are coming to the end of our first half term we have been reflecting on the progress we have made. We have all settled in really well and have been enjoying our new learning environment as well as new subjects.   

Our topic this term has been all about Me, Myself and I and we have had fun exploring ourselves, our families and our local environment. We used our senses in Science to explore our school environment and in History we looked at our own family trees.

In Art, we have used a variety of media to create our own portraits. We looked closely at the portraits created by a variety of artists and then used sketching pencils to draw our own. We also used collage materials to form our faces!

We hope you have a lovely half term and come back feeling refreshed and ready for our Sensational Seasons topic!

Ancient Egyptian Day

We thoroughly enjoyed our time on Ancient Egyptian Day. From studying artefacts, to translating hieroglyphs, to piecing together damaged tombs, it was a memorable experience. Our knowledge of this fascinating culture continues to grow.

Making amazing shelters for King Harold's tomb

  In the last week of term, Year 5 have been busy making amazing shelters for King Harold's tomb, spending time practising our skills, and had our highlight of the week - Viking Day! We had families, praised Odin, bowled with sticks, wrote in runes, and marched in a terrifying manner! Please see the video and let us know how scared you are...  

Conker Rolling and Colour Mixing!

  Children have chosen to explore colour mixing this week. They have been working together to share their ideas, listening and talking to each other. They have also been talking about what they notice when the colours are mixed together!  

Holiday Homework !!

Dear parents here is the holiday homework for year 1. The theme is ourselves reflecting our topic this half term. Children can choose one of the options to complete and bring into school by Thursday 4th November. They will then receive a certificate!

Exploring materials and their properties

Week 4 Year 2 have started exploring materials and their properties this week. We have sorted and classified the materials into different headings such as hard/soft, rough/smooth and heavy/light. A trip into the Forest Classroom and exploring the environment in school helped us identify and compare natural and man-made materials.  Next week in Science we will be looking at different objects and which materials are most suited for their design and reversible/irreversible changes.    Please remember to bring in a book bag everyday so that letters and homework/reading books get home safely. 

First winners of Sumdog certificates today

Well done to Alhassan (4M), Zain (4M), Rosie (4K), Jake (4K), Yusuf (4F) and Edward (4F) who were the first winners of Sumdog certificates today. They have already amassed approximately 43000 gold coins between them!

Class Assemblies

Year 5 are continuing with their class assemblies - please see below for some pictures of 5B in full flow, and come back next week to see how 5S got on! As well as learning lines, we've been carrying on with our work on narrative poetry. We are all experts on Camelot and stagecoach robbery after our work on The Lady of Shalott by Tennyson and The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes, and have been learning more about figurative language too. 'As bright as neon socks from the 1980s' was one standout example!




Year 6 Residential


Before we went, we were put into two groups with friends or people you like. This was so while we were on the trip we had someone to talk to and someone to play with. Also, the boys and girls were split into dormitories.


There were a range of activities to complete such as: an obstacle course, a zip wire, rock climbing, abseiling, archery, frisbee golf and canoeing. With the canoeing, we got to jump into the lake which was fun. Abseiling for some people was a challenging obstacle to face (if they were afraid of heights).


In our free time, we managed to play dodgeball in the sports hall, American football, cricket, frog catching, football and hair platting.

Ruby and Ali 6S

Learning Outside

  In Reception we have been spending a lot of time learning outside. Over the course of last week, we have been exploring our forest classroom - collecting conkers and leaves to count and compare.   In our Mud Kitchen we have counted, weighed and investigated numbers.       Inside we have transformed our learning spaces with the children based on what they like to do. The children particularly love investigating our new dark den.  

Investigating properties of materials

  Year 2 have been investigating the properties of lots of different materials. We really enjoyed getting the fabric box out and having a good old feel of the different textures and styles. Did you know that each material has many different properties? How fascinating! We discussed the properties of all different kinds of materials such as bricks, stone, plastic, rubber and sponge. The vocabulary we have learned was quite new to us but we now know what words like 'rigid' and 'opaque' mean. We also had to help the Three Little Pigs out because they had chosen the wrong materials when designing an object. We used what we had learned to help them. I wonder what we will learn about next...  

Team Building Day

  Week 3 started with our team building day. We worked together to solve a variety of puzzles and problems. Some of the tasks were really hard but we managed to complete them by cooperating with each other. It was a lot of fun working with different children and being part of a team.  

Big Change to Year 4 Homework

  Beginning this Friday (7th October), the Year 4 homework will be changing to using Sumdog - the children love it! More details at Parents' Evening this week.  

5B have been working hard on their assembly

5B have been working hard on their assembly: rehearsing lines, singing songs and polishing their acting skills. 5S and 5A are busily preparing for theirs.    We are now coming to the end of our work on the Lady of Shalott, which has really captured our imagination.   

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