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School News

School Summer Fair

Year 2 - fun at the Zoo !!!

Year 2 had a fantastic trip to Twycross Zoo this week. The weather worried us before we were about to leave as we feared we would be walking around in a torrential downpour. 

Luckily, the weather was on our side and as soon as we got to the zoo the weather had improved! 

We got to see a range of animals such as bonobos, giraffes, gibbons and elephants. We had a wonderful time. We will be linking our visit to the zoo to our English lessons where we are writing non-chronological reports about the animals we have seen. In Science we are looking at habitats so we got to see how the habitats differed for all of the animals. What fun! 

Another normal day at Wheelers Lane Primary School

We are always proud of what we do at our school, but there are some days (usually when the sun is shining!) that it feels like the most wonderful place in the world. As we took a walk around the school to see what was going on we took photos to give you a snapshot of our school life. Here is our 10 minute tour including:

• Exemplary teamwork on problem solving games in Year 5

• Whole class French horn lessons in Year 4

• A lesson on creativity and uniqueness (Mr Knight is certainly unique!) in Year 4

• Weird and wonderful collaboration on the Hub Challenge in the MUGA with Year 2

• Outdoor WOW science for Year 3

• Play with water, climbing and paper aeroplanes in EYFS

• Lots of drama (usually from the children) as Year 6 continue their end of year production practice

• Maths and English play in Year 1

• Mr Wynne Wilson rocking out in Year 5

• 1:1 music lessons

What a richly varied, engaging, fun, exciting, educational, and perfectly normal day at Wheelers Lane Primary School

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The Happy Puzzle Company

This morning The Happy Puzzle Company came in to school and gave us fun and challenging puzzle activities. The handcuff trick was the first puzzle that we had to work out and we had to solve it altogether. Then Ryan (the puzzle man) gave us a challenge which involved penguins that we had to balance on a moving iceberg. We enjoyed the road puzzle where we had to connect pieces together (it took us a long time!). It was fun working with people from different classes.

Written by Kyle and Ffion from 6N

Super Science Show with Dr Mark

Super Science Show with Dr Mark

A scientist with cool tricks up his sleeve, known as Dr Mark, visited us this morning. He wowed us with his magnificent diver that goes up and down at his every command and exploding water that came out when we hummed. He made us think of the answer to the question of how he does these science experiments. Tricking our minds, he made us see different colours instead of the colours that were really there. As he used his breath to breathe through the straw, it made the balloon levitate in the air. The funky whistle made by Dr Mark made us all laugh with the funny sound it made (just like an elephant).

By Hareth Al-Hashimi and Adam Ali.

Year 1 Art Gallery wows its audience

A huge thank you to all parents who came to the year 1 art gallery this afternoon. We hope you were impressed with their pictures which were in the style of Eric Carle. They certainly enjoyed being tour guides and handing out refreshments!


Enabling Enterprise - Wheelers Lane Visits Aston University

New School Playground Equipment O.M.G !

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Another Brilliant Author 'Being Brilliant' at Wheelers Lane

Once again we have been incredibly lucky to have an internationally recognised author (no.1 in BRAZIL ooooooooohhhhhhh!!) visiting the school to inspire the children and motivate our Year 6 to be BRILLIANT!

Andy Cope is the author of the 'Spy Dog' series of books http://www.spydog451.co.uk/ . He spoke to all the children from Year 2 to Year 6, helping them to write their own versions of his funny stories.

Not only this, but Andy worked with all of Year 6 in the afternoon showing them how to be a 2 percenter. Children left motivated, and hopefully made all the parents feel as special as they really are that evening.

What a BRILLIANT! day. Thanks so much Andy. Let's stay POSITIVE!

What fantastic Talent!

The fantastically popular Wheelers Lane's Got Talent EYFS/KS1 Show was a roaring success once again this year! With acts ranging from singing and dancing to gymnastics and magic, there was something for everyone. This year's judges included the winners from last year - Megan and Katie - as well as parents and teachers. You can see a brilliant picture of Judge Carlin below.

Congratulations to the winner - Ava from 2HM who recited a piece of music on the piano from memory. The two runners up were Ben in 2HL with his magically lit up thumb dance and those crazy dancers from RC - Tim, Caine and Freddie.

Well done to everybody involved - we can't wait for the KS2 show in June!

Year 3 get snappy (in a good way!)

During Spring Term, for our local environment topic, Year 3 had the privilege of working alongside Jonathan Lee, a professional photographer (who is also a parent at our school). We learnt all about taking photos from different angles and enjoyed photographing colourful objects. We even went to Kings Heath high street and photographed different buildings and unusual patterns! 

Follow the link below to see our talented photos. We feel like professional photographers!


Thank you Jonathan!

Enabling Enterprise - Wheelers Lane Visits The Bull Ring Markets

Business Trip: IBM In Warwick

Break from SATs Revision

Today we were given a break from SATs revision. The whole year group had a wonderful time at Kings Heath Park (even the teachers got involved). We had a basketball and football match. Also, we played on the swings and the zip wire. We had a brilliant time!


Written by Sahar, Hana, Reem and Alisha in 6S


London Marathon

On  Friday the 22nd of April, members of the School Council devoted the whole day to help children, from nursery to year 6 run or mini London marathon and raise money for a well – deserved charity VICTA. The reason why this event took place, was to support one of our year 4 teachers (Mr Knight), who ran the actual London marathon, and made it to the much desired finish line, in an impressive time of 3hr 24 minutes. Throughout the exciting day, a total of £553.88 was raised by the children, members of staff and generous parents of Wheelers Lane Primary School. All in all, it was a successful and highly regarded day by every participant.

We are a school that:

Our vision is to:

  • Celebrate the differences which make us all so diverse and which enrich our school.

  • Equip our children with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to achieve success, become lifelong learners and active citizens.

  • Work in partnership with parents, carers and the community.

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